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Friday, August 7, 2015

So it's been two years of study... a Post Graduate Diploma in Comparative Mythology and then an Advanced Post Grad Diploma in Comparative Mythology.

I remember the first year when friends and family got to know about the course I was studying.  The comments that followed ranged from a Wow... to Arrey waah... aata tu kirtankaar honaar?, amusement, some respect, solidarity... and then a challenge.. bataa kya padha course mein.

Age, some maturity and the study of this course had wisened me.... i learnt to answer the curious to the best of my ability, ignore the ignorants and mainly.. to choose my battles.

I was just going through my books and glancing through the notes i had made.  some points highlighted in red.  These were interesting bits of knowledge gathered in class and they were highlighted so that i would remember to recount them to my friends and mainly to Rao kaku... my 80 yrs plus friend whi waited for my call each saturday.  Mee khurchi gheoonach basle aahe.. tukha phone yeilach.

as i flipped through the notes i had a thought. I rather put these little stories, facts, in a blog form.. for easy access later. and i could also forward these to a few friends who shared a similar enthusiasm.

The next xoupls of entries will be mytho