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Sunday, January 24, 2016

my experiment with making kokam sarbat

This post happened because of :

1.   A childhood memory of a lady in the neighbourhood who used to sell products from Konkan -  kokam, Kokam fruit ( known as Raatamba in Marathi, Birind in Konkani ) -  in sugar syrup, papads, pickles, preserves like the mango and jackfruit leather etc.  My mother visited her and came home raving about  the Kokam/ mangostien fruit  which had been deseeded, stuffed with sugar, packed neatly in a glass bottle and then  placed in the sun. This caused the mangostein to  steep and release juice.  My mother was absolutely taken in by the bright red coloured syrup in those glass bottles.

2. Too many food blogs which raved about Kokam sharbat and the making of the kokam syrup.

3.  I loved these pictures  I had clicked,  of the fruit and syrup making process.

We happened to be in Udupi in the summer,  last year .  During  a visit to the local market, I found the kokam fruit. This is what it looks like. 

I washed these, dried them and then cut them into half.  I removed the pulp and filled these with sugar and then bottled them.

The bottle was placed in the balcony in a sunny spot.  I did this on a Saturday.  In  the days to follow, I gave the bottle a generous shake, once a day.  Soon the sugar dissolved  in the heat of the sun, and along with the fruit,  it  released a thick bright red extract.

On  Thursday , I couldn't resist  the temptation anymore.   I tried some, diluting it  in water, in a 1:3 proportion.   It tasted as good as it looked while it sparkled in my glass.    The sweet, very slightly sour,  fruity - fresh notes were balanced.

In my greed and ignorance I let it steep some more.  On the following Monday when I sampled it again, it hit my throat sharply.. made me end up coughing.  It was tart and something was not right about it.   I had a feeling some fermentation  had set it .  I drained the contents down  my sink.  

I really hope to get it right the next time.. IF, I am able to get hold of some fruit !

Friday, January 15, 2016


owyacha vaas

dudhaacha waas

johnson and johnson talc cha suvaas

with a faint hint of the Pears glycerine soap

of the calcium drops

..the baby smell

the soft curls

the 'luslushit' built

fat folds...on the arms.the thighs.. .

...the armful of you

no wonder you  are called

 A bundle of joy