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Thursday, May 19, 2016

He had envisaged his future, he had said.

Having led a righteous life, fulfilling his duty, hurting no one even in thought, he believed life would give him his due

He had nurtured a dream, he had said,
Of living a comfortable life in his old age, well provided by the fruits of his labuor, and the achievements of his son.

He had nurtured a dream, he had said.
Of his son building a bungalow, in this place where his home stood.

He had nurtured a dream, he had said..
Of being driven around , in a car owned by his son.

Dreams he had a right to, he felt. He had discharged his duties. He sought recompense.

And Life happened !

He was a frustrated old man, he had said.

He was old.
His wife was ill.
She needed constant care.
His son was away in a different city.
His son could not move back to his home town.
His son asked him to leave behind his home, the hometown, and move in with him in the city.

All he had wanted was to leave behind his legacy in the town where he was born.
All he wanted was to be remembered in the town where he had lived all his life, by the people he moved around with.

When he had expected his rewards for playing by the rules, Life played truant.

He was uprooted, forcibly replanted in an alien soil.
He lived with his son now,
under the same roof.

He had not wanted it this way !

He did not thrive

The unhappiness, his grief ate into him. Nothing we did, could wipe away the sorrow, which clouded that corner of his heart.

And then, Parkinsons struck !

While he had resented his wife's ailments, he had been affected by one too.

A self - made man, an honest man, a man of solid principles , who had passed on every one of his virtues to his son. .......
He died one day!

And with him his dreams.

It's 12 years since he passed away. But his despondency.. those words of his - laced with disappointment, the acceptance of defeat in that voice.... ring clear in my ears......

Today...when I see this thing coming up...' concretely' ...I am deliriously happy.

A weight off my chest.

I eagerly await the completion of the project.

To see his dream cast in stone.

His name etched out in stone!