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Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 yrs later

Its over two years since its inception, and my blog has just one post. i can almost hear folks sing - TERE KHAYAL... WHY DON'T YOU KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF.  (the blog was called, Mere Khayal then,)

credit for today's post - SAYESHA. her post 'blogtey raho' pushed me to visit this pace and............ well!!!!! BLOG.

What do i write about??
Mushkil sawaal!
Par aaj humne thaani hai.. kuch to zaroor likhengey....

i am a full time amma and grihini. 2 kids. one, a teenager.
thought i will be teaching my kids the philosophies and ways of life, but am learning new ones each day.

i love reading and surfing the net. when i read a book or a novel, i am the heroine, the protagonist and eventually the winner. and when its time to shut the book, i realise 'oh! my god! what now????? the heroines problems are solved,her life is sorted..... ab main kya karoon??

Dreamer! that's me.

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