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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


During the Christmas holidays, Goondoo (my 4 yr old nephew in the UK) was telling me about the gifts he had received from his parents, friends and neighbours. Chocolates, cars, an airplane, a reindeer etc. I asked him what gift he had got for me

GOONDOO : What can I get you, I am little.

ME : I want a Pink dress

GOONDOO : ( after some serious thinking) A pink dress costs lots of money

ME : So what!!

GOONDOO : So send us some money.

I immediately put down the phone.

Two days later I called him again and asked about my present.

GOONDOO : You want a pink dress?

A big pink dress?? You will have to come over and get it

ME : Oh! that means you've already got me one?

GOONDOO : Yes, But it's very long. It will come upto your feet. And you need not wear a pant below it.

Me : Thank you, Goondu.

I asked to speak to his mom. I was dying to know, whether there really existed a long pink dress
She said, they hadn't bought anything like that. She called Goondoo and asked him about the dress he had promised me.

He went to her cupboard and pulled out a pink NIGHTIE. PINK, LONG, BIG . I WOULD NOT REQUIRE TO WEAR A PANT BELOW IT.


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