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Monday, May 4, 2009

Travelogue continues

Day 2 and 3 were spent with family and friends in Bangalore. We went out to MTR for lunch. It was quite a nice experience. The coupons have to be booked in advance and you are allotted a time of arrival. We were ushered into a waiting hall for a while and then taken to our table. The service and the manner in which the food is served is simple but very organised.

As soon as we were seated we were served grape sherbet in silver glasses. Then followed the food. First the 'kismoori' - soaked moong dal, garnished with grated carrot, lemon juice salt, green chillies and tempered with oil and mustard leaves. Then poori and a saagu ( gravy wala veggie), badam halwa, mix dal wada and chutney, a vegetable curry,and bissi bele bhaat. The bissi bele bhaat was absolutely tasty. It is basically a mix of rice and sambaar. I have made it at home before, using the Bisi Bele bhaat masala mix, but the stuff they served at the eatery was too good. At this point we had to ask them, 'Aur kya kya items baki hain, Pet mein jagah khaali rakhni hai". Rasam and rice with a dollop of ghee, curd rice, payasam and fruit salad with icecream. A serving of 'paan' ended the meal service. While they were serving us, my husband got talking to the supervisor there, - "aap logon ne khaana khaaya kya?" he asked. He replied saying that they all eat by 12.00 noon, before the first patrons start arriving from 12.30 onwards. Wise move, this one. Little wonder, then, that they had a calm and contented air about them as they went around from room to room, from table to table, serving food. Like my Punjabi friend would say, "Unhonein bade pyaar se humein khaana khilaaya."

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  1. Enjoying your travelogue thoroughly. Bisse bele bhat sounds tempting.