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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Came upon several unread books on my book shelves and some others which I had started on but had given up reading them, mid way.

Fiction doesn't interest me these days. History, culture, tradition, essays, writings where somebody's thoughts are well expressed, where the language/ words are not very intimidating, but at the same time are not very casual, or where the tone of the book touches a chord - these hold my interest.

Have also realized that the grasping power has diminished. Feel the need to make notes most times, write something in my own words and see whether I have been able to interpret things  the way they were  meant to.

A pencil and note pad are never handy. At times , am curled up in bed, reading, and it takes a tremendous will power to move and get that pen and paper. The brat pack has grown up too and sometimes do not respond when I holler out to them to bring along something to jot on. and on the (rare) occasions that they do, I end up misplacing it.

Have to really get more organized now. Sift through and prioritise. Do things that I really want to, finish things I start on. Bring things to a conclusion. Can’t keep putting off things to a later date. Shouldn’t have any occasion where I regret not doing things which which I could have done, or done better.

See , I need to write things down… for better clarity. This is a note to myself.

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