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Friday, November 7, 2014

Vegetarian Non Vegetarian

12th July 2013

he  : Why are we vegetarians?
she : Because we are.

he   : Why don't we eat non vegetarian food?
She : Because  we do not.

he   : What would happen if I eat non vegetarian food?
She : Why would you?.We are vegetarians

he   : You are a vegetarian because your is father is one !
she  : And you are a vegetarian because your father is one

he   : That is the only reason right?
she  : mmmmmmmm.. Yes!

 he  : What would you say to my eating a bit of chicken?
she  : Would you?

he    : Maybe !
she   : Would you be able to pick up a piece and put it in your mouth ?

he    : Yeah.. probably
she  : Would you be able to relish it?

he  : I wouldn't know if I didn't try

 she  : Are  you longing to try one?

 he ; No

 she : Then why the discussion?
he : It would be a convenient option

 she : Convenient option ?
 he : Yeah, rather than waste time, hunting for a veggie place, what if I popped a chicken or a fish  into  my mouth

she : Okk so it is not that u r curious and wanting to experiment
he : No. just a matter of convenience

she : Are you asking my permission?
he : N
o... just a simple discussion.Your thoughts. What would you feel if I did indulge?

she : I wouldn't want you to. But if its a choice between going hungry and eating a bit of chicken.. go ahead, eat.   Okkk.. as long as you are not dying of hunger   !!

(when the 19 yr old boy  was to leave for a 10 day  trip to Spain)

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