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Sunday, November 29, 2015

bhala mori rama,,, bhala tori rama.

17th October 2015

Bhai bhai... bhala mori rama,,, bhala tori rama...

Happened to hear this song just a couple of weeks ago... and i seem to have taken a liking to it, much to the distress of my family members. At random moments i find myself singing aloud .. or playing it on the computer... BHAI BHAI...BHAI BHAI !

then today as i heard it being played at the garba in the building, i looked up the internet and came upon this video..a Christmas party in progress and a number of school kids dancing to Bhai Bhai !

The gay abandon with which the school kids are dancing and prancing to this number... brought a smile, These were not the super kids performing practiced mind boggling dance steps on one of the dance competitions on TV. these were real kids,,, matching steps to the beat of the dance.

Their moves were not synchronized with each other,,, fr that matter the right leg and left leg had no co-ordination...and yet they danced... in the spirit of the song. hands and legs flaying in the air.. flashing smiles of joy.

what was heartening was that the girls participated in equal measure too, little girls and slightly older ones in their pink uniforms. uninhibitedly at that.

a gentleman in a gray T and his family are seen watching this performance. and after a while he is pulled in to the circle.. aao aap bhi naacho, seems to be the invitation

he joins the merry gang. he appears slightly stiff ... wanting to get into the spirit yet holding first he is seen clapping to the rhythm (काय, आरती ला उभी आहेस का…a friend had admonished me once ) . and then moving his hands.. a wee little shuffle of the shoulders AND THEN he opens his hands WIDE... almost accepting of the people around him,,, enveloping them.. we see him loosening up.. his legs move in rhythm and soon he is DANCING. being led by the kids initially, he then comes up with steps of his own, enjoying himself to the hilt. he seems to be a good dancer,, smile emoticon
and now i am envying him.

inhibtions.... sometimes they restrict us .

born with 2 left feet, i wish i had learnt to unwind so... give into the moment...Dance.. like there is no tomorrow !

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