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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shaken and Stirred!

I think i need to be shaken and stirred once in a while. to do anything at all. this post stirred by rosh abraham. Who he?? I am trying to find out - by reading his blog. Anyway, thanks rosh.

Kids, their innocent and their not-so-innocent banter...

Besides being a momma to 2 kids, I am also blessed with several neices and nephews. All with their own individual quirks. The youngest of the pack is my favourite. He is all of 4. And at a little around 20 kgs, is more than an armful.

This brat is in the UK. We meet during their once-a-year trip made to India. This time he was at an impressionable age and I was all out to make a lasting impression on him, atleast one which would last for a year, after which he would be due for his next ' India Trip'.

I go to receive them at the airport. The little fella is known to be a mamma's boy and he keept giving me surreptitious glances . Suspicious ones too. And familiar ones too, I could see his lips almost curling into a smile on more than one occasion. Once we got home, I launched "Operation Bribe" . Give him a toy, grab a hug!

He loves cars and remote control cars at that! REMO CONTA CA'z. That's how he calls them.
I cuddled him and said "Hi, GOONDOO".

GOONDOO : I am not your GOONDOO. I am my father's Goondoo.

There seemed to be a copyright violation on my part.

ME : "Then, who are u of mine"

GOONDOO : "I am nobody of yours"

The assertion ruffled my Leo mane. So i sharpened my claws and said

ME : OK, then I think I will take these cars back.

GOONDOO : (Promptly) I can be somebody else of yours!

With a victorious and evil smile on my face, I gave him back his gifts!

During the month long vacation, they were with me, we had several such encounters. More of these will be recorded here for posterity.

PS: Help!! anybody who reaches this far on my blog - how can i change font in the middle of the post. eg : in this post - i wanted to use BOLD for the sentence Kids and their innocent....., so that it stood out as a sub-title.

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