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Monday, December 29, 2008

A Tale of 3 Laxmis

A story of when 3 Laxmis assembled together

1.Devi MahaLaxmi : Goddess of Wealth. In the twilight hours of the evening the lady of the house, lights a diya in her mandir at home. The house is all spruced up. The main door is kept ajar for a while. The entrance is cleared of shoes, chappals and other obstacles. It is that time of the evening, when the Gods enter the house. The lady of the house, prays for the well-being of the household. The Gods bless the house with a"Tathastu" - Whatever your wish, it will come true. This prompts the mothers to tell their children, "shaam ka waqt hai, shubh shubh bolo!"

2. GrihaLaxmi : The Lady of the House.

3. LaxmiBai : The indispensable household help. She sets the mood of the house. Her timely arrival for work, results in a happy and contented GrihaLaxmi.

On one such day, LaxmiBai arrives at 6.00 pm as against her daily reporting time of 11.00 am. She says, "We had a lot of guests who had come from my village. They left at 4.00 pm. Then, I decided to come to work." She tries to establish her point, that, she is not a work- shirker.

The GrihaLaxmi was extremely relieved to see her. She told LaxmiBai to pick up the broom and sweep the floor.

LaxmiBai cupped her mouth with her palms, eyes widened in disbelief and said, "काय म्हणता तुम्ही?? संध्याकाळी, लक्ष्मी देवी ने घरी यायच्या वेळी, मी दारा समोर हातात झाडू घेऊन उभी राहू ?? " "आज राहू दया , मी उद्या सकाळी येऊन कचरा काढते."

The Devi Mahalaxmi standing outside the house and the GrihaLaxmi inside the house, both were left speechless.

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