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Monday, February 23, 2009


We have a family group on email. The group is called BIKINI. The story behind the slightly wierd name is funny. A family member goes by the name Mr. B. Kini. One day he received a parcel addressed as Mr BIKINI. When we decided to form our own family group consisting of aunts and uncles, nephews and neices, this name seemed apt. It was funny, and wacky.

We share a lot of news through this group email. One email addressed to this email id and family members across the country and across continents are updated. then follow opinions and comments. We share pictures, recipes and events in each others lives. and all stay connected.

My son who is in the 10th std this year, had his farewell party on the 10th of Feb. His classmates had decided to turn up in formals. Blazer suits and waist coats. Our young man, too, went all suited and booted. He looked very very grown up.

As is the practise, i posted his pictures on Bikini. Replies and comments flew fast and furious. One of my older nephews called up home and told my son, "arrey maine tuzhe bikini mein dekha"

The son replied cheekily, "par main toh blazer suit, mein tha".