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Friday, April 10, 2009

When the Candy turned pale!!!

Goondoo's elder brother who is about 8 years old, was visiting his friend. The friend's mother gave him a box of candy. Small, coloured ( green and yellow) and flavoured candy. He came home and gave about 4 of them to Goondoo and 2 to his mom. So much for following the SHARING rules set by his mom.

Each day he would eat one OR none, COUNT them out and hide the box under his pillow. One day he told his mom, "My candies seem to be shrinking in size'". His mom didn't seem to give it much thought. After some time he came back, ' "They also seem to be loosing their colour. They are all nearly white'now" and he brandished the pale candies in front of her. This got her thinking. She thought and she thought it out. "GOONDOO!" she called out. "Did you eat any of these". "NO", he said.

She looked at him again . Goondoo said, " I didn't EAT any". ....................... "I just SUCKED on them".!!!!!

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