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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The son begins practice school. a nearly 2 month work experience at one of the firms registered with his college.

This will be his first exposure to a formal work place.

We were impressing upon him, the fact, that the learning experience and practical work experience he will gain there will stand him in good stead. and even if he finds the tasks allotted to him mundane, being committed and then answerable (to a new set of people) while on the job is a skill in itself.

Until today he has sported the jeans and T shirt look and has nearly had the same kind of outlook. in one word - casual. He is responsible , yes, but in a casual sort of way, which irks us , the parents.

the lazy jeans and the cocky 'message' T - shirts would have to discarded for the time being. i was looking forward to seeing him throw off or atleast attempt to throw off the casual and don the formal - attire as well as outlook.

The boy dislikes shopping, though he is a getting a bit finicky abt choice of clothes. I had planned a phamily outing with the sole aim of getting him the formals. He insisted he would do it on his own. This was a new one he had thrown at us. I have to start getting used to this show of independence. but the MAA in me keeps bobbing and i drew a list of stuff he would require. he crossed out 3/4th of the list

if i am a procastinator. he is the father of procastinaton. aaj kare so kaal kar, parson kar sakon toh behtar. he had to report fr work today and it was only yesterday that he went purchasing.

within mins of his reaching the store , he calls ... "which brands should i look at?

a little while later , one more call... "the trousers do not have seams." i was grinning , but patiently (this is a new trait i am cultivating) i explained the procedure to him. also put this incident on the "must gossip n dissect with the sister" list. My sister, not his. His sistah doesn't tolerate any mazaak where he is the butt.

He looked different as he left for work today. Must say , i was pleased.

Sanjay, ..... ek mahina aur and i get the Android.

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