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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

December 28 2014

It is December.  The last month of the year.  Another year has gone by... and it is time to do the 'bahi khaata'

This year was one of incredible sadness.

Growing older, people around -  growing older still.  And then some bidding me  good bye.


No amount of understanding life and the concept of death as an absolute certainty , can prepare you for the moment, when  it strikes closer home and takes away   a loved one.  Here now ...Gone leaves you shaken. 

 I used to think that with age comes wisdom which helps one deal with bereavement.

I forgot that years of association brings in that much more attachment....attachment that is so so difficult to handle when the person is no more.

The memories, the grieving, nothing helps.  The loss simply hurts. 

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