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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The bridge is falling down, my fair lady.

3rd july 2013

The bridge the bridge..... it is coming apart !!
The brrridge ...

I am screaming out in fear

I feel a heaviness in my chest. of impending doom.

I can't hear my voice anymore...I am choking.

the is crumbling.

and then I feel myself being hauled up...

The sudden flash of light hurts the eyes....I am disoriented.

I struggle to get my eyes open...struggle.

but my ears hear the voice alright.

It is a familiar one.

yet the confusion persists.

I strain to listen...

I pick out the words, more clearly now.


This was the spouse .

The cloud clears . A sheepish me, doesn't want to open her eyes now.

This is the 2nd time in a row that I had subjected him to  the same nightmare....of the bridge, crumbling.


The one in my mouth , the one which is holding my teeth together.

Over the past week, the teeth were causing some discomfort and I had thought that the bridge was loosening . As is typical of me, I had tried to wish the problem away.

What made things worse for me  , was an often heard dental horror tale that kept popping in the mind. There was this lady, (much senior in age) who was eating her sandwich and had swallowed her dentures (or probably a part of it) accidentally. She had  later died of complications of the same.

I had the same fear . of my 'bridge' separating itself frm the teeth and  gums and my swallowing it while fast asleep.

I have an intense dislike for dentists. I hate the prodding and the probing in my mouth. . The knock of steel against my teeth. The blow of the air on gums and teeth. the grinding whir .... Nooooooooo!! ooooof!!

Well, to end the story, I did go to the dentist. the bridge is intact.It has been declared safe and sturdy enough to remain in service.

All iz well in my part of the world !

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