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Friday, March 21, 2014


22 Feb 2014

i remember i was in primary school then,. may be 9 or 10 yrs old. it was around the end of the monsoon season.. Me and my friend Manju standing in the common balcony of our Shastri Nagar building. One of our past times in the evenings sometimes was to look at the dark clouds in the sky and look for the funny shaped ones... ते बघ झाड वाटतय... तो बघ राक्षस.. अग, ती बघ त्याची शेंडी...Those were fun times.

Saturdays are busy days for me, as i rush thru the ghar kaam, wanting to finish as much as i possibly can before 1.30. i need to reach my class at 2.30 pm . The next 3 hours , i switch off frm my biwi mode, my amma mode .. and i am no longer 45 yrs old either. i am a student, and in my mind i am a young gal once more. i struggle to reach class in time, i want to grab a good seat in class so that i get to hear each and every word. i am furiously taking down notes - not just the gist, but the entire sentences. i don't want to forget anything that has been spoken or discussed in class.

by the time the class ends at 5.30, i am exhausted. exhausted by the efforts of the day, the gyaan of the 3 hrs in class, processing all that info... i invariably doze off as soon as i get into the car.

today was one of the better days. exams are approaching and conversations with my twenty-something classmates - Post graduate, and Phd aspirants in their own right - were stimulating. what to study, what to omit,, how to split the syllabus amongst ourselves.. we were charged up

we said our goodbyes and then i was all my own. i put my head back and looked out of the window. at the sky. something was different. i kept staring. it was a 'sky blue' sky looking back at me and wait,... there were the clouds. and i realised yesss....... each saturday evening, it used to be a smoggy evening.. kind of heavy.

today it was a clear blue sky, a 'sky blue' sky speckled with white. the white of the clouds. a pure white in clouds. the clouds too were perfectly formed. not the cottony wispy ones - carelessly floating around.

the clouds today looked like they were deliberately shaped and placed. ok... at least deliberately placed. next to each other in a straight line. and then there were many such rows, one after the other. stacked systematically. symmetrically.

the sight was almost unreal. the sky appeared like a picture from my children's story books..

and just then a bird flew, and another, and then a plane glided across that beautiful background.

i was smiling to myself, self conscious, as i tried to take a picture.

see what i captured.

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