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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Thunderstorm

the thunderstorm rages outside
battering the trees, the leaves
into meek submission.

they simply succumb.

चिंब ओली झाडे,
चिंब ओली पाने
भिजून निघालीत

 मनसोक्त !

they seem to welcome the assault.

take me...
they seem to say

मी चार भिंतींच्या आत,
बंद खिडक्यान मागे,
उभी ....

तो ओलावा,
तो गारवा,
हवा हवा सा वाटतो

हे बंध
माझ्या मनावरचे बंध
 मी स्वतहा घातलेले बंध.....
मोकळे करून टाकावेत?

त्या सरी मध्ये न्हाऊन,
चिंब भिजून जावे,
बेधुंद !

बंद खिडक्यांच्या फटीतून
वारयाची एक झूळूक
अंगाला स्पर्श करून जाते

एक शहारा,
उमटवून जाते

 a storm  rages inside of me.

 i know..
while those doors are shut.
while  the windows are shut.

i am safe.

behind  the binds,
the ones i have bound myself in. 

a step,
a tiny step into that storm,.
the raging storm,

i will be blown away.

cast away,
in the  whirlwind.

it is but a storm.
it shall  pass.

i will wait it out.

the leaves,
the branches,
the trees,

are standing tall once again.
mocking me.

we dared.

we experienced
the passion.

i stood behind the walls,
a silent spectator.
waiting for the raging  storm
to quell..
a longing in my heart.

the throat

एकूणच शुष्क

i am safe.

i wasn't battered,
i wasn't spun in the whirlwind.

the storm,
the thunder storm..

it has passed now.

i should be happy
i survived,
came out unscathed.

मग का हे रितेपण

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