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Friday, March 21, 2014

23rd Feb 2014

The SSC exams for the daughter are beginning on the 5th of march. the orals and practical examinations are beginning this week.

The daughter is a cool one.. at least she appears to be unflustered. i often tease her, calling her a sukhi aatma or "Miss Sukhatme"

today her friend visited her. she stays in our building and is her senior from the same school.

the daughter has her orals for the English paper tomorrow. their teacher had given them about 5 - 6 topics and had told them to be prepared with a speech . She had mentioned that there would be a 'chit system'. they would have to speak on the topic in the chit pulled out by them.

the daughter has prepared for all the topics and then some more - "what if another teacher conducts the test?' was her explanation. i breathed easy. the girl who usually believes in 'smart study' was seriously preparing for the exam, not leaving much to chance.

so the friend had come to wish her and pep her up.

the conversation :

the friend : " kitney topics prepare karney hain ? "
daughter : " 6 . mainey sab topic acchey se kiye hain."

friend : " paagal hai tu. koi ek topic acche se prepare karneka. box mein se ek chit uthaana hota hai, topic padh kar, woh chit phir se box mein hee rakhna hai. teacher ko kya pata, kaunsa topic tha chit mein.. phir jo ek topic prepare karke aayein hain , wohi bol kar aane ka !"

daughter was in splits.

me amazed !

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