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Monday, April 8, 2013

Father, dear Father !

"24th 24th feb 2013

I had been to the NCPA today evening. with the daughter. To see a play - Blame it on Yashraj.

The play is about the hangama that precedes the actual wedding. Ekdum Yash Chopra phillum Ishtyle. Hence the title Blame it on Yashraj !

There was a monologue by Anant Mahadevan - the father of the bride in the play. He was talking about daughters growing up. "They are this small and they grow up and start going with all the wrong kind of guys. The father is a worried man. Then it stops and they find the right kind of guy!." ....... "this is worse... their finding the right kind of guy. Coz now my position is now being usurped by that guy. He is now becoming the most important man in her life!"

Fathers find it difficult to adjust to this one .

In that auditorium , with about a 1000 people guffawing to this line, I went back in a flashback mode to 21 yrs ago.

I was to get married in Udupi on the 19th of April. My sister had her TY Bsc exams, so she and my mom were to follow later. Dad and me were to leave for udupi 10 days before the wedding.

He had bought 2 Safari suitcases to pack my stuff. He did all my packing and clicked them shut. Locked them and put the keys in his bag. Then he took out a sheet of alphabet stickers, the ones which were stuck near the locks on the suitcase and which denoted yr initials. He placed an A and a H on my bags. A for my name , the H for my surname.

A little while later, I came in, saw my bags packed and labelled with those little stickers. I asked my father for the sheet of stickers, pulled out a K and reached out to replace the H.

Dad asked why. With a happy expression on my face I said,the name is now going to be A... K.....

My father's eyes welled up . There are 10 more days, he said. Can you please let the H remain for 10 days more ! Allow my name to remain with you for a while more !

I must remember to share this with my daughter. She better not hurt her father... ..ever !

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