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Monday, April 8, 2013

 25th feb 2013
A gentleman visited us yesterday. He had had a go at celebrityhood and hadn't fared really well. A middle aged man,he claims he is the chosen one to spread the lore of his Lord and is doing so using the film and televison as a medium.

He came in, and with an extreme 'karunamay' expression, greeted me with a namastey. I am very bad at this - meeting people I do not know. And being used to socialising in the comfort zone alone, I find it difficult after the Hi and Hello . If the greeting is to be in Hindi i do not understand how to address the person. The marwari neighbourhood has now got me familiar with the "bhaisaab" and the "ji". but it still isn't as effortless as I would like it to be and the awkwardness persists.

Yesterday I was also trying to be the ideal spouse, what with my resoluton of thursday night.

Hmm. so the gentleman says his namastey and I say mine. He continues standing with his palms folded, eyes crimped , a beatific smile playing on the lips. I am uncomfortable. I try to hold on to my smile. I dont want the husband to see this confused state of mine, he will remember to comment later - " hide, hide at home.. how will the feeling of discomfort go away, if u refuse to interact."...... and more verbal lashing.

I am a bit wary of preachers. I had my defences up. But was willing to give the gentleman a chance .

He had brought us some books.

After a while we realised he was wanting to say something but he was thinking. He said, "aapke mandir mein mujhe kuch kaaala dikhai de raha hai. That has to be removed. It is not right. " I thought the husband had shown him our pooja room and I didn't like it at all. He kept staring at me pointedly, trying to emphasise on me the importance of that 'kala' object. I firmly told him there is nothing of that sort in my pooja room. He didnt seem convinced. He kept staring into a vacant spot , looking thoughtful. This was unsettling. It seemed like the typical "pick up" line.

And then he asked, "aapka mandir kahaan hai?". And I remembered my google search on him. He was also a self professed clairvoyant. I was relieved. This I could handle.

So he came to the pooja room. I was keeping an eye on him. I do not like people intruding in my space. Literally too.

He started concentrating. Trying to locate the "kala" object. I was feeling smug. - Aisa kuch bhi nahi milega. After about 10 painful minutes , he said, "woh raha'. He pointed put to a small dust ball in one corner. Now it was his turn to sport the smug expression. "maine kaha tha na, kuch kala hai. I could see it. That is the one which is blocking the positive energy from flowing into the house. Mujhe aatey hee mehsoos hua tha. "

I was amused that he found nothing and hence he pinned the blame on the poor dust ball. I felt sorry for him - A middle aged man, trying hard to play the usual card . I felt sorry for him having to resort to these tricks. I was angry with myself for not having cleaned the room better - not for the so called negative energy, but for the simple reason that the mandir is indeed sacred.

I was suddenly scared. I hoped and prayed that the otherwise very logical and practical husband hadn't succumbed.

The gentleman said he is into spiritualism. Spirituality is different from Religion he said.

My father joined in the conversation at this stage. And I left.

When I joined in again, he once more went on to look at me and then stare at a spot on the wall. For several minutes. He said, "aapke bete ko legs mein kuch problem hai?" No , i said.

He shut his eyes, concentrating and then the same beatific smile played on his lips. He said " I can see a problem with his knees." He shut his eyes again, and after a while, in a serious voice said, "There is some fluid formation in his knees. AAp pls jald se jald uske knees kissi achhe Dr ko dikhaiye. Prevention is better than cure". I almost wanted to strangle the husband, for imposing this man on us.

Yesterday the maid had announced her chutti for Sunday. In order to ease the 'Bartan" ka pressure , I had planned to serve dinner on Banana leaves.

The man was impressed. At least he pretended to be. "main kele ke patte par 11 saal baaad khaana khaa raha hoon. Aap roz aise hee in patton par khaatey hain? " No said the father, Only on festive occasions" . "Or when u have guests over", added the gentleman ! I dared not look at the husband.

He went on... "aapko pata hai, Kele ka patta bada saatvik hota hai, issspar khaaya hua khaana pet ke liye achha hota hai. "

The conversation moved on to saints . Dad was talking about Sant Dnyaneshwar.. About how there was a point in the saint's life , after he composed the gnyaneshwari, where he realised that he didnt want to live anymreo as he found no more purpose for life. At this point our guest interrupted, "See the irony. I am at that point in my life now. I have no use for my life, money... I am ready to die . Move over to the other zone".

The evening was indeed a strange one.

He left after a while.

Nobody discussed him yesterday night.

Today I couldn;t hold myself and asked WHY?

Apparently the hsuband had happened to meet him on a flight, they got talking. He spoke of his celebrity status but was extremely modest about it. The husband who is not clued in into the Hindi TV or movie scene, was clueless. The man was honest about his failures and didn't have any airs. He wanted to meet up once again while he was in Mumbai . He was insistant about meeting at our home. The husband couldn't refuse.

My impression - He wasn't  really a  conman. Really felt sorry for him,  for the kind of tricks he tried to resort to, whatever his intention. He was a shrewd businessman .. was intelligent enough to use God , Vastu, sentiments to influence. Was  shrewd enough to try try and try . Gullible ones could succumb.. He came dressed well, suited n booted. He spoke impeccable English. He threw the right words and lines. Spoke about Moses , Mahabharata, philosophy.... Lines which were vague.. Not many would have got into a counter argument with him. People either wouldn't care or would have a complex that they didnt have the "knowledge" he had.

I know one thing for sure, the husband and I need to review the rules about who gets invited home . :-))

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