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Monday, April 8, 2013

"27th feb 2013

Lalita Iyer used to write a column Chick lit, in HT. I had been followng her columns fr a long time then. A couple of months ago, I found her on FB and read her again now.

In one of her articles , she had written about her child beginning school. There was one sentence which remained with me long after I read it.

"The thing about love is that too much of it can be claustrophobic. People need to go away so that they can come back." (I hve posted the link to that one below.)

And it came back to me today, as everybody at home, me included, is readying to welcome the puttar who is coming home after about 2 months.

am understanding, feeling and relating to the emotion in the oft heard Bollywood line, "woh aa rahaa hai. Mera beta ghar aa raha hai"

The house is being spruced up. His wardrobe which we have now usurped is emptied out and his stuff has been neatly arranged for him. A list of his favourites in food has been made by my mother. And she is scheduling when to cook what.

There is a smile on everybody's face.

Each telephone conversation with the extended family and friends has this sentence - anant is coming na.

Am loving the hustle and bustle .

The link to the Lalita Iyer column

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