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Monday, April 8, 2013

Mood Nostalgia

 28 frb 2013
Mood Nostalgia hit as soon as i made plans to visit Cuffe Parade today afternoon. There was this eager sense of anticipation . Extra attention was given to the appearance. The kohl, the blusher, the lip colour .... I did it all. Just like I used to . I could even smell the perfume i favoured then.

I have been there a couple of times after i quit the job. Today I was all by myself and had plenty of time at my disposal too.

Lingered at the WTC for a long time. visited the old haunts - Chinar and Trimurti. Time spent at Trimurti had alwayws been fun. Browsing through handicrafts, looking for another Ganesha idol to add to the collection at home... i always looked forward to a trip to the store.

Trimurti is now Marhati. A strange looking store, redesigned to half its size and less than quarter of its glory. Had non-descript stuff on display. Grrr !

Walked leisurely around the WTC.

Maker Towers, the F Wing. the workplace was on the 14th floor.

Have been fortunate to have a great set of people around me at all times. And I remember them and the time spent with them fondly. The bonds being newly formed... the initial edginess and then soon, slipping into the comfortable.

The antiicpation of reaching the workplace , the joy in meeting the bunch each morning, huddling together over tea or lunch and sharing. Sharing our joys however silly. or sorrows, however trivial. Unburdening. Using a shoulder to cry on, sometimes offering a shoulder to cry on or lean on fr support... It all came back .. in a rush.

so wanted to share it. Call up a friend and holler, "Hey, guess what, i am at MT! " None of them are on my telephone contact list anymore.

I love my solitude. but felt a wee bit lonely there.

i know i will be mailing them tonite. But the euphoria will have subsided by then.

Memories.....they need to be swept away . Especially when they tend to overshadow the present.

Hey you,
Free me.

Loosen your stranglehold on me.

You let me live and relive my happiest moments.
Over and over again.

You helped me shed those unshed tears.
Cleansed me.

I clung on to you,
a little too ferociously.
It was so easy to revel in the past.
To be wistful.

Ungrateful, I am not.

But, I have to give my today ,
its due.
A fair chance.
To work its spell on me
Just as you have.


Shooing you away as I am..
Do not turn your back on me


I will want you
by my side
again, someday.
With newer stories.

The stories
I am writing today .

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