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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Goondoo Tale.

Goondoo will be 10 this August

Studies  in class 3.

He called me up, a couple of minutes ago.  He had had his Open House in school  and had got his marks from the Unit Test conducted in January.

"I have got a A grade" he sang.  "This is the first time I have got one."

His school is not generous with marks.  And his mother takes studies and examinations very seriously.   A bit too seriously, I think.

I  have  been guilty of this too.  Being the "MARKSIST MOMMY"., to  my first born.  Once, while nagging him to return to his books, I have said to him, ""You know your only fault is that you are intelligent."  And I always had expectations from him.  To do well.  To shine, To outshine.

With my younger one, I am  a relaxed parent.   Realisation struck that MARKS are not the be end and be all.  I need to appreciate  her just the way she is and shouldn't be burdening her with my expectaions . Or probably I had had my share   of fulfillment from the older one. My only advice to her has been  - Do your best.  Do not  lack / lag in effort. !

Coming back to Goondoo.

I was happy for him.  It was a proud moment for him. 

I told him, he deserves a treat now.  "What can I get you?"  I asked.

As expected, he said "nothing".

I prodded him further.  But he stuck to his answer .  "Nothing".

And then , as expected, I got my answer.

"I want a remote controlled car.  But I don't want one, because I have too many."  He whispered into the phone , fast and furious. My sister was probably lurking around , I could hear her voice  in the background.

I smiled.

Dear Goondoo, you will have your remote controlled car. A chakaa chak remote controlled car.

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