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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The name is Anjali.

Actually , it is not.

My name is not Anjali.

Call me Anjali.

I did not come up with this name randomly.

There is a story behind it.

My mother wanted to name me Anjali.

My father had a well wisher, who was more like a mother to him.  He sought her blessings  and requested her to bestow upon his first born,  a name.

She gave me my name.

To my sister, she gave her name.

Mum must have been hurt.

She kept that hurt within her.

When I was 10 and in class 4, we had a Mathematics teacher by the name, Anjali Karnik.

She was . beautiful .

She was a good teacher.

It was then that my mother  told me.

She had  wanted to name me Anjali.

And now,

When I want to share ,  yet want to keep a part of me for myself,

I take refuge in Anjali.

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