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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So I was returning home from the  Parla market.  Waiting at the signal . It was sunny and warm. Yet it was a smoggy dull looking morning.  It reflected on my mood too. Was looking at the cars alongside and the people inside. All had the same dull expressions , exactly like mine.

"Tya zhaadaala bagaa, kitee kairyaa laaglya aahet", said the driver, suddenly. "Kuthey ?" I asked. He was pointing out to a tree across the road. " Tey baghaa" .....I looked that side. And yes, the tree was laden with bunches of  tender  mangoes. कैर्यांचे झुपके sounds better.

I rolled down the windows. Wanted to take a picture, but the phone camera is a lousy one. Our animated conversation and the wonderstruck mug of mine got some others in the cars alongside to peer in the direction we were looking at. and soon atleast 10 of us were smiling . sharing a "haaan, maine bhi dekha, achha lagaa" , kind of a happy look amongst ourselves .

The trees were dusty , but the sight of those plump green "Kairi" had woven their magic.

The windows were rolled.  I took a deep breath . And found the tangy fresh fragrance of the Kairi tickle my nostrils. The mouth puckered automatically, imagining the sourness on the tounge . The mouth watered :-)

The signal turned green, and we were driving once again. My face was glued to the window looking out for Mango trees And I noticed atleast 15 more . Most of them, heavy with the fruit, while the others had a lot of blooms. There was one which had the 'totapuri " kind of longish kairi.   So many mango trees and I hadn't noticed them until now.

I found myself looking forward to getting home.  Scraping  out the last big glass jar of the last bits of last years Pickle. Getting them washed . Sunning them. Seeing them sparkle in the sun as they rested upside down on their bright red pastic dhakkans. Seeing  their glassy transparect glistening shadow  on the wall....

And , wait...

To bite on the season's first kairi - a mix of salt and red chilli powder by the side. To take a gulp of the chilled, " velchi" laced Panha . And for the last to arrive ... the big round "lonchyachi kairi".

Am looking forward to the summer.

I love this  feeling...." of looking foward to ....."

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