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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

" Your daughter is really cute. I am surprised she remembers me. She has met me only on two occasions.. Once when she was barely 3 , in 2001 and then last year. Yet, she remembers. Thinks of me.   I am touched. And thanks for calling", said Jayashri.

Jayashri is family. An aunt to my daughter.

Yesterday evening was one of the rare evenings when the daughter came to me, asking me to go through her marathi homework. I was only too happy. These days I  am happy at any chance of communication with her. There is a reason. maybe I will share it one of these days. I say ,MAYBE 'coz it highlights one of my weaknesses and my pride might come in the way.

OKk... so it was her Home Assignment sheet. It was a letter writing exercise. A letter written by a Rajashri Joshi to the Mahanagarpalika complaining about the pothole ridden street outside her house.

I read the subject and then moved on to her letter. The daughter wrote -- - "mee Jayashri Joshi patra lihit aahe." I picked the first mistake. She had written Jayashri instead of Rajashri. I called her and pointed it out to her.

She burst out laughing. "" haahaa aha,,, amma I read the name right, but suddenly thought of Jayashri maami. and I ended up writing Jayashri instead of Rajshree.   The names, they are so close "

Her laughter was infectious . I laughed along with her.

While trying to live our lives, relations and relationships sometimes take a back seat. 

But, we do not forget the people in our lives. We remember them. We think about them. Fondly too.

We simply forget to tell them we haven't forgotten .

I am glad I made that call to J yesterday.

Like I read somewhere....... With all our problems, it becomes all the more necessary to highlight , play up and make a din about the happy parts.

Cheers  !!

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