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Sunday, February 3, 2013

I am star struck . ATUL KULKARNI.... are you listening ??

I am a sucker for love stories. for romance. and Atul Kulkarni in one such role - of a romantic, in "Premachi Goshta"... ..I had to see this one.

Barely made it to the movie in time.
The credits were rolling.

And then I saw him.
In the "wadda" screen  glory .

Felt a warm flush on my face.

I found my lips curving into a smile.
I wiped it away,
It came back again.
I looked around.
It was dark in the theatre .
and there was  nobody else in my row.
I relaxed
and let it be.

Heeheeeee.... yeah... that issmile stayed put. till the end of the movie. till the time I came home... what the hell, even now !!

The story was just about average.  A little less than that. It  had some redeeming moments though. Some dialogues, conversations were really nice.

I wish I had seen this movie with my friend.. my usual partner-in-crime. would have enjoyed gushing over this movie.

Mr Kulkarni, My dil goess mmmmmmmmm ! (blush ! blush !!)

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