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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I want to fall in love once again.
love once again.
be loved once again.

I want to feel the rush
of the stolen glance

I want to feel the flush
the blush

I want to hear the tremor
in my voice.
as we talk.

I want to hear the reassurance
in his tone,
as we talk..

His   voice,
husky with emotion,
laden with love.

I want to look at  those eyes
and  find them  filled with tenderness
for me.

I want to see the longing
in  his eyes,
as they meet mine.

I want to feel the goosebumps
on my arm,
as they brush
against his.

want to rest my head
on those shoulders.
on his chest.

feel it swell,
with longing,
with love,
only for me.

want to feel
his  warm breath,
close as we are.

I want to experience  the quiver
in my spine.
the tingle

I want to feel his arms
around me..
Envelope  me
in security.

want to feel the gush
of warmth,
the warm feeling
of belonging.

want to feel my mouth ache,
because of the smile.
that has been lingering there
for the longest time..

The smile of contentment...

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